Global Access Capital provides investors with the opportunity to invest in high quality diversified investments for wealth creation.

Our focus is on venture capital, real estate, and bridge financing. We have an expert team in place to determine only high quality investments. Global Access Capital takes on the work of determining which investments are of the highest quality and which are not, eliminating the hassle for investors. If you're looking to grow your money, while helping a fellow entrepreneur this is great opportunity. 

At Global Access Capital we aim to build strong foundations for our investors with our personal and professional approach. We take the time to understand you, your needs and your business. This ensures a strong connection and a return that satisfies all parties. If you're looking to invest in a strong and growing business contact Global Access Capital today.

We Take The Guessing Out Of Venture Capital

Choosing which businesses to invest in can be the most difficult part of being an investor. Here at Global Access Capital the work is already done for you. We will determine the highest quality investment opportunities for our investors, streamlining the entire process. This allows you to continue focusing on your investments and growth, while we complete the leg work in choosing the next best investment opportunity for you.

We are happy to work along side all our investors to understand what they want and their financial interests. Global Access Capital is based in Vancouver but operates globally, giving us a large reach of new investment opportunities to investigate for our investors. Contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity to grow your wealth while supporting the development of fellow entrepreneurs and their businesses.