Merchant Cash Advances turns future income into cash that you can use to help manage your cash flow or take advantage of a new opportunity -- no collateral is required. It’s especially useful for smaller retailers or merchants in the business-to-consumer market.

With no hidden fees and a quick application and approvals process, you can access funds within a few business days for working capital, renovations, buying inventory, marketing materials, or as an emergency cash supply. This can help business owners through expansion periods allowing them access to the necessary funds to grow and flourish.

With a merchant cash advance you do not need to worry about manually having to pay back the balance, as it will automatically pay itself off through future sales. This also means that you do not have to pay back the merchant cash advance until sales have been generated, ensuring your company is not in debt with nothing to show for it. We believe in helping businesses through periods where cash flow is tight and business operations need to continue and grow. Contact us today to learn more about our business financing options and the benefits of merchant cash advances.

How Merchant Cash Advances Work?

Frorm start to finish, applying for and receiving a merchant cash advance is a fast and painless process and best of all you don’t have to pay us back until you generate sales. You pay back the balance (the funded amount plus our stated fee) automatically through future sales -- either directly through future debit or credit card sales or an automated fixed payment, no cheques required. 

Global Access Capital will help walk you through the entire merchant cash advance process, explaining everything along the way. We help businesses grow into their full potential. Contact us to learn if a merchant cash advance is right for your business.