Who We Are Meet our executive team.

Pierre Papillon  Chief Executive Officer

When Pierre came upon the area of financing in the form of leasing, loans and merchant cash advance vehicles for companies, he knew he had found perfect products. For several years he deployed ATMs in what was the first white-label entry of ATMs by hospitality business companies in Canada. He worked with the concept’s founding company to innovate the concept, CCS Express ATM , out of Portland, Oregon, USA later to be  acquired by *Etrade Canada. This resulted in the successful sale of ATMs to thousands of owners across the country, generating multi-millions in revenue. With Global Access Capital, Pierre brings 25 years of results-based experience, and his forté is developing a trusting relationship with his clients based on extensive industry knowledge. Pierre prides himself on providing excellent service and delivering high levels of customer satisfaction.

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Broderick Gunning  Director

With over 15 plus years in Venture Deployment throughout Canada and Asia, Broderick brings youth, tech and private equity experience to Global Access. From 2004 - 2013 Broderick was the CEO of the The Media Merchants an Award winning Agency that executed over 1000 projects globally including high profile events such as the Olympics and World Cup. From 2013 - 2015 Broderick and his team developed and deployed the disaster response program for the Philippines Government using the most advanced and proprietary long range wi-fi system, applications and drones. Mr Gunning maintains several government partnerships in Canada, China, and Taiwan and is very active in the startup technology space in Canada and Asia. Broderick's vision for Global Access is to assist small and medium sized ventures acquire much needed capital for expansion, cash-flow and short term needs.


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