Factoring is an excellent solution for business-to-business companies that collect payment through invoices. Invoicing often comes with a 30-day or even longer delay before payment is received, which can cause cash-flow problems.

With factoring, Global Access Capital purchases your invoices at a discount in advance, providing you with immediate cash. This allows your business to receive payment immediately to utilize for daily tasks and overall growth. When a business is expanding it may need cash flow as soon as possible and is unable to wait the 30-day payment period that comes with most invoice payment. Factoring eliminates this step, giving your business the funds immediately.

When a company is growing cash flow can be tight. Factoring allows companies the ability to receive payment for invoices quickly, without having to wait the 30-day payment period. Factoring gives you immediate access to funds, allowing for them to be put back into the growth of the business and everyday business activities. To learn more about factoring and to see if it is the best financial move for your company contact us today. We are based in Vancouver and operate worldwide.

We Handle Payment Collection & Credit Risk

Global Access Capital also takes on the responsibility for payment collection and accepts any credit risk, within the Global Access Capital factoring process. This eliminates any risk to your business through the accounts receivable process. Once we've taken the invoice it is our responsibility, ensuring you no longer have to worry about payment moving forward and can concentrate on necessary business activities.

Factoring can help your business access funds to help with growth, improve cash flow, and access financing you're unable to receive from the bank. Contact us today for more information on factoring and how it can help your business. Do not hesitate growing your business is important to its future success. Take the time to help it expand to its full potential.