Get the funding you need to build commercial properties, as we provide commercial construction loans for developers.

Real estate development projects require in depth documents on cash flow analysis, proforma, borrower financial statements and feasibility studies to determine the strength of the development. Unlike existing commercial buildings, there is no operating history for the underwriters to review. It is a completely different process when constructing a piece of real estate than when purchasing an existing property.

Commercial construction loans allow you access to the funding needed to complete the project. Many times businesses invest in commercial construction to create a space built to meet their exact needs and business functions. However when the opportune time comes to begin construction some businesses may not have the needed funding. This is where Global Access Capital's commercial construction loans come into play. We can help you construct the commercial space your company needs to continue its growth. Contact us today to learn more about commercial construction loans and how they can benefit your business.

We Make The Process Easy For You

The paperwork and documentation needed to begin a real estate development and construction project can be a lot to manage. If you're looking to begin a real estate development you already have quite a large amount to deal with, let us help you with a portion of the process. By helping you take care of the necessary paperwork and documentation we are able to help ensure it is an easy process for everyone.

If your business is looking to dive into commercial construction but does not have the needed upfront capital Global Access Capital's commercial construction loans can help. We are based in Vancouver but offer our services worldwide. Contact us and let us walk you through the paperwork needed to get the deal completed and construction started quickly.