Global Access Capital is your source for seed capital to get your business thriving, and we can help by investing in new businesses with long-term growth potential.

Venture capital is used to fund emerging companies by exchanging capital for equity in the company. This allows businesses to continue growing to their full potential. We will do our very best to get your company, idea, or start-up funded. We believe in the varied business communities we work with and want to see them succeed in their area of expertise.

When starting or expanding a business cash flow can pose a problem at the beginning, this is where our company's venture capital comes into play. Global Access Capital will help fund your new or expanding business in exchange for equity in your company. This will allow your company take the next steps to grow and flourish. With the help of venture capital your business can grow and reach its full potential.

Is Venture Capital The Right Move For Your Business?

If you have a unique, in-demand product and have put your hard earned money into the project but need more to grow, contact us. Our venture capital can help your business continue its excelled growth without the worry of cash flow. Global Access Capital can help business reach their full potential through venture capitalism.

Many new business run into cash flow problems throughout their growing stages, as demand increases but the company does not have the funds to keep up. For equity in your company we can offer the cash flow your business needs to continue its exponential growth. We love helping businesses get the footing and funding they need to expand. Contact Global Access Capital for further information on how we can help your business thrive.