We can help you lease a variety of medical and health equipment for health clinics, medical offices, health spas, labs, and medical specialists from dentists to optometrists. 

Global Access Capital has helped many medical and health companies obtain the necessary equipment to perform their day-to-day business activities. These include businesses such as medical offices, labs, health spas, dentists and many more. If you own a medical or health-related business and are in need of medical equipment leasing we can help. Our team can help you lease the medial equipment needed to perform your medical and health-related activities. We want to help you help others.

If you are in the medical field, but are seasonal or self-employed our services are still available. We take seasonal operations into account and can help self-employed operators and start-ups. We can help you get the financing you need to purchase the necessary medical equipment for your practice. Contact us to learn more about our medical equipment leasing options and services. We aim to help all of our customers obtain the medical equipment their patients need.

Choosing The Right Equipment For Your Business Needs

Knowing how to choose the correct equipment and make it affordable can only come from years of experience. We understand small business environments, working at high speed to help your business grow. And, we realize that no two customers are the same. Each transaction is tailored to meet your specific business needs. We will take the time to understand your individual business and its needs, allowing us to tailor an equipment leasing plan that fits your business's needs.

Global Access Capital also offers special lease-to-own programs and can arrange alternatives to conventional financing so you can take full advantage of the tax-deductible benefits of leasing. We aim to help all of our customers obtain the best leasing option for their unique situation. Contact us today to learn about our leasing options and let us help you choose the best one for your growing business.